Read To Lead

We share and teach on a variety of things focusing on spoken English, phonics, vocabulary, building strong character, choices and the development of critical thinking. The classes are fun and interactive. 

Are You comfortable having discussions about the importance of making right choices, working hard, what good character is and what the outcomes of choosing these areas are? You can sign up for EDUCATIONAL / CAREER GUIDANCE.

Are you comfortable reading a book to a class of children? Or tie in a moral or life principled talk / discussion – or just read to the class and talk about the beauty, importance and privilege of READING.   You can sign up as a READER.

Are you comfortable to chat with young people about life, obstacles and pushing through, what it takes to be successful… virtually anything that has to do with ‘what it takes to grow up and into living a successful life’.  You Can sign up as a Life Counselor.

Read to Lead is an opportunity for OUTREACH OUTSIDE of the church – in our LOCAL COMMUNITIES.